Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Found some magic...

I called my blog Searching For Magic for a a few reasons. Part of it was creating anything, when it's good, always feels like magic. By committing to a blog I was committing to creating every week and looking for magic in the inspirations that bombard me constantly. Another part of it was that I thought it sounded cool.

I found some magic today.

I never expected the thrill of seeing the feedback and watching the hits roll in as a post that strikes a chord with someone else is shared. I even love seeing people argue about whatever it is I'm saying in G+ threads because the questions force me to refine my idea and show me how to improve for the next time. The speed at which this all happens is amazing and so much fun!

This evening I watched my page views tick over to 1000.

When I started this journey on September 21st I had no idea what to expect. I thought I'd be putting stuff up there for a handful of people who already knew me and maybe as I hit the right notes eventually people would go back through the archive to check it out. I thought that I was writing for myself and an audience that might one day find me and get something out of my ideas. Hitting a thousand so early is a wonderful surprise!

I am grateful to all of you who take the time to check out what I have to say. I'm definitely going to keep going. I was planning to keep going even if no one read so the response is a fantastic encouragement. If anything, I need to squeeze more time out of my schedule to write more! 

I used to wonder how some of my favourite bloggers managed to put something together almost every day. I wondered how they had time for it? I get it now. There's a rush when you hit it, even in the small way that I have, and I love it! The clarity of thought and wild energy that I have after I post is intoxicating. You can all count on more to come.

So thanks for joining the Search. Road trips are always better with company.

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